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Introduced greedyalgorithm to Settlers.

I think that brings me up to:
wrexen, Wrexen's friend Chris(?), Jay, Macie, Stephen (my freshman year roommate), Mike M (friend from Rose), George (former housemate), Katie (George's girlfriend), kyledgoss, greedyalgorithm. In no particular order, though. Now that I've enumerated it, it seems small.

And as discussed at dinner tonight; peers tekman and angel_grrl; and the bringer-of-the-game: loganb. This is like the family tree things that fraternities make, but important[1].

Sometimes people think it lazy when rather than walking from one end of the house to another to deliver a simple message you yell.
Lazier still is IMing someone elsewhere in the house. (I've done this to convey only one message ever: "incoming" -- but possibly on more than one occasion; unless you count IMing to transfer a URL from one machine to another).

I'm not sure where to place tekman calling me on my cell (from his cell) while being 15-20 steps away

And in tonight's game of Settler's, since I had no ability to produce Wheat (Grain in the official parlance); I pretty much gave up after angel_grrl blocked my expansion route. I think that's really the first time I've ever not really tried. As a result, I ended up with 2 settlements, 4 road segments, and 1 development card. Whoopty doo. Giving up early on made the game not very fun, as it turns out. Is this random enough yet? Oh, no, because you haven't gotten to the stuff below because I wrote this later than that. Strange. Did I mention that I got like 5 hours of sleep last night, and I'm slightly wired and tired at the same time? Also, went to Anthony's for crab; it was yummy and filling.

0. There was a zero, I'm pretty sure... but I think I refactored it out. This 0 is here because it is the proper first element index number.
1. I won't say that the fraternity one isn't important[2], but Settler's is clearly more important than a fraternity.
2. Okay, I will[3].
3. I'm in one, actually... not as brother, but as "brother-in-law" for a co-ed (service) fraternity[4].
4. But they're still dumb[5].
5. Unless you think they're not[6].
6. And then they still are, but I respect your opinion.[7]
7. I'm done now.
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