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Day 1: NEO. Really boring.
Day 2: NEO. Really boring.
Day 3: Now. Still don't exist in the system.

I've been killing time hanging out with tekman, angel_grrl, loganb and wrexen.

And I think I may have found a house.

No internet for a little while, though... they want $100 to set it up in my temp housing. Amusement: There were a bunch of RJ-45 jacks in my apartment, so I had tried my laptop in them to see if they had internet set up (they didn't). Apparently those were the telephone system, because they claimed to have set up my phone on Tuesday morning, but it didn't work until I unplugged my laptop from one of the jacks last night :) They should have just used the RJ-15s that are the telephone standard.
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