Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Poker Madness

(While taking a break from final breakdown of my stuff for packing)

So I went to campus to play a last game of poker before leaving (true purpose: retrieve my chips and have a chance to hang out with people again)

      wampleek   Ken   valglin
Jim                               mge
      greedyalgorithm   xyon

For those of you that aren't aware, wampleek is a horrible dealer.
On wampleek's deal, Ken busted out. This makes it wampleek's deal again.
On wampleek deal #2 (the second in this streak, this is after perhaps 2 hours of gameplay), valglin busted out.
On wampleek deal #3 there was some preflop raising, then a 5 way (everyone) all in on the flop (mge wanted to bust out to make it be wampleek's deal again)... well, here's how it worked out.

greedyalgorithm: 340 chips Ac 7d
xyon: 675 chips Ad Qd
mge: 735 chips Qc 6c
Jim: 740 chips 6d 6s
wampleek 1,850 chips Kd Jc

Flop: 4s 4d As
Turn: Tc
River: 4h

Winner: greedyalgorithm and xyon each with fours full of aces. Except there's some side-pottage occuring.

Pot0: 340 * 5 = 1,700 Split: greedyalgorithm gets 850, xyon gets 850
Pot1: (675 - 340) * 4 = 335 * 4 = 1,340 xyon
Pot2: (735 - 675) * 3 = 60 * 3 = 180 Jim
Pot3: (740 - 735) * 2 = 5 * 2 = 10 Jim

Final result:
greedyalgorithm: 850
xyon: 850 + 1,340 = 2,190
mge: Busted Out (while we were figuring this all out: "If I didn't bust out I quit" -- mge) -- Objective complete, wampleek deals again
Jim: 180 + 10 = 190
wampleek: 1,850 - 740 = 1,110

Jim busted out a hand or two later, greedyalgorithm shortly thereafter, and I lost to wampleek after only 5 or so heads-up deals. It was unfair, he only had 100 or so more than I did when I finally lost an all-in.

Welp, that was a good time... now back to pre-packing so that the movers can move me in... 8 hours?
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