Xyon (xyon) wrote,

So, very similar to graduation, I feel sadness at the thought of leaving friends behind. I'm moving out to Seattle and will be a lot closer to some of my friends, but I'll be moving further from the rest of them. The biggest one of note is, of course, Meg. Do I love her? I think so. But baring that, she is still my closest friend: the person who knows the most about me, can pratically read my mind (sometimes before I can), et cetera. I know that our friendship can survive and additional 2000 miles, but it's saddening that where I used to be able to see her once every 6 weeks or so it won't be nearly as frequent now.

Another distance injection is Jay. Close friend for 5 years, roommate for 4... he's headed to Minneapolis, I'm headed to Seattle. I'm glad that at the same time that he's moving out I'm moving away.

While I am very much excited about the upcoming move I will admit that it is a little scary, and a little saddening.
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