Xyon (xyon) wrote,

So I was going to go to New Albany yesterday, but after dropping Jay off at Indianapolis Airport I realized that I had forgotten some things that I needed to take care of other things while in New Albany and came back to Terre Haute instead.

The moving company was supposed to call me today to schedule the relocation item survey, I called my "move manager" and she finally got back with me saying that the agent in charge of my account had gone home early, they should call me first thing in the morning.

I need this to get set so I can get finalization on the stuff-move date, and then get the car-move date set, and then the flight date set. I also need to know what days I'm expected to be in TH so I can know to be in TH on those days, but I need to go to NA at some point.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate moving, but will be glad once I'm moved?
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