Xyon (xyon) wrote,


So I gave notice today... my manager and director took it surprisingly well... in fact, my manager admitted that he expected that I'd only stay about a year... and this falls just one month shy.

The director of pricing was a tad upset, but she told me that it was because she was hoping to get me transferred to her team eventually -- I was on loan to her temporarily to work out some performance problems.

In one sense I feel bad for the coworkers that I'm leaving stranded, but mostly I just feel... relieved.

Amusing: I started to explain my changes for a new project to a coworker yesterday... when I asked him this morning if he had looked at it at all and he gave me a questioning look I informed him that I had put in notice. He laughed and said that he was about to (in a few days) as well. (Sucks for the department, but they'll get over it)

Also, I bought some CDs today, for the first time in a really really long time... R.E.M. and Styx
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