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Weekend Update

On the flight out I used my crappy earbuds that came with the iRiver that my parents got me for Christmas. IND-DFW I was near the engines on the plane and at one point had the iRiver set at volume level 40 (max) just to be able to hear Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera (whichever it was at the time... those are the only things I ever got around to putting on it).

In SEA on the way back I passed a Bose "store" (temporary setup in a hallway type thing) and decided to "free the merch" and bought myself a pair of QuietComfort 2 headphones. I wasn't dazzled by the noise cancelling ability... it took out the noise of the air vents in the plane, and a lot of noise out of the turbines, and a lot of the painful frequencies out of some high-pitched whine while we were still at the gate... but it was "a lot" and not "all". Maybe I just expect that it would be able to isolate anything regular as well as whitenoise, which probably is not a valid assumption.

However, the headphones did allow me to drop to volume level 15 (usually I have it at 25). And I'm using them today at work, and it's quite nice. If I get the MS-job I'll probably keep them, if not then it's up in the air.

Amusement: I noticed on the rental car contract/invoice that the non-full fuel charge was $2.50/gal. Unleaded in Bellevue on the day I returned the car: $2.53/gal. Of course, I fueled up the night before in Bothell, for $2.43/gal. (Today in TH: $1.99/gal)

So I had heard that it was possible that I would have a combined SDE / SDE/T interview; but all of my interviewers were in test. 1 SDE/T, 2 SDE/T leads, 1 SDE/T that I'm not sure if he was a lead or not (I think he was), and 1 Director of Test.

The first interview (non-lead) had the questions I really hate: what's a creative solution to a challenging problem you've had within the last year?, et cetera. Once we dispensed with the conversation-starters things went a lot better... my personal rating of the interviews was "?, (check), (check), ?+, ?+" where (check) means good, ? means not sure at all, and ?+ means not sure, but I think good.

The recruiter told me that I could expect to hear back yesterday or today, and I haven't yet. However, the understanding of reactions of the As-Ap interviewer I had is that "yes"'s from him seem to take a bit of time, as he's trying to decide on placement items before communicating back with HR.

Since it's been a day and a half so far, I'm sitting in a hopeful state right now... but after another day or so I'm going to fall back into nervousness. A silent phi would really suck :).

Weekend food was good... the crab at Anthony's was excellent, as always... although the... "Alex problem" certainly got the adrenaline flowing. So aside from an achy chest it was good. And even though I ordered a "girly" drink at The Met and took some flack for it, the food was exquisite. On the way out of town I stopped at Fatburger in Bellevue... and while it's still quite tasty I don't think I can eat it anymore -- it was quite "heavy" and I don't really eat that type of food anymore, so it gave me a queasy stomach.

Aside from a game of Settlers with wrexen; tekman, angel_grrl and I played a few games of Carcassonne. I won the first game, which is a major ego-blow to tekman who feels that the best reason to play a game with someone new is to be more assured of victory :). It's pretty good... it has a uniqueness similar in style to Settlers (although it is a totally different game).

Oh, and wrexen: I still don't think I hit that car.
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