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So angel_grrl's post title "If only it could be winter all year 'round..." reminded me of how miserable the weather has been here of late... Indiana humidity with temperatures getting up into the 70's. It wouldn't be so bad if I could wear shorts to work. Well, I probably -could- and not directly hear anything about it.... after all, the dress code is "business casual" and so I wear my khaki cargo pants and a T-shirt. And I do wear shorts on casual Friday.

Also, after spending most of the day inexplicably tired and worn down, I found out that the thermostat in my office was set to 80! It probably happened when winter first started and they hadn't turned on the heat and I wanted the A/C to stop blowing.

In other news; gas prices as of late suck horribly. 30+ cent jumps in a day are ridiculous*. I always felt that they should only be allowed to change prices (higher, at least) when they receive a new supply of fuel at a higher cost. The other day someone informed me that this is, in fact, the case; but it's so unenforced that it might as well not be.

Edit: Based on the ridiculous way I spelled ridiculous I was forced to make this change... wrexen, I bow to your superior Word-Fu.
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