Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Resolution update

Since I stole wrexen's resolution post/format I'm going follow mindlessly and post my update, too.

1. Find a new job
I'm working on that. In fact; I have a phone interview with Microsoft in 2 hours.
2. Learn the meaning of, and embody, frugality.
Yeah; probably not going to happen. I did manage to finally get my credit card down to a zero balance, but I can't give up my sushi. Though, I didn't buy a new computer this Valentine's Day.. so that is more frugal than I have been for the past 4 years.

1. Move to (metro) Seattle.
Working on it. Fiscal-1 will hopefully be the means.
2. Meet or exceed 600 LJ posts
The year ended at 484; leaving 116 for the year, or 29 per quarter. Did I make it? I finished at 510; which is 3 short. With the last post and this one, I need 30 more this quarter to be on track.
3. Do/learn something new
I went to Arizona, that was new... skiing/flying would be better for something to close out the year with, though.
4. Go on a date
No luck so far. There's an offchance that "she" may come stay here for a weekend/week/something next month, though...

1. Get under 175lbs
Was 225 at end of year; 210 now. Assuming linear model that would put me exactly on target. I think that means I'll fail this one.
2. Drop another 6 inches off my pant size
I could probably use a smaller pair of pants now, but haven't acquired them due to laziness/the obscene cost of clothing.
3. Suck it up and get braces
I did visit an orthodontist, who said I'd have to wear them for at least 18 months. That means I do have to be established somewhere first. Hopefully I get the MS job and am out in Seattle in June or sooner; and I'll probably get braces shortly thereafter.
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