Xyon (xyon) wrote,

The Collection Grows

So Yesterday after work I went to the company store; and when I left I had increased the count of the number of titles I own on DVD... 54 -> 73.

That leaves I think 33 that I need to acquire based on the movie database whose contents I updated a bit over the past two days.

And after watching Boondock Saints, The (1999) last night (I decided to buy it at the store; and Macie decided that Jay needed to watch it since he hadn't seen it before) and finding it much better than the first time (perhaps because I knew what was going on?); I've decided that I now have to upgrade the rating to a (2) Liked it, would buy, would show to others.

This morning my scale said 200; but I kicked it around a bit and it said 210; which I'm more willing to believe.

... End of Transmission
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