Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Have you ever wanted anything while at the same time realizing that if it was available to you you would turn it away?

So, it's Valentine's Day weekend. For the first time in 4 years I am not upgrading my computer.... perhaps it's because now I know it always happened around Valentine's Day.

Worked 50 hours this week (and got paid for 40). That included my project finally going to production Wednesday night; and an emergency fix on it Thursday night. Appearently it made it to production with verbose messaging on (so in production it was writing over 1MB/minute).

Now that version 3.0 of the software I work on at work has been released 3.1 is going in to be tested now. Having spent 2 months in test, I was able to close a few more prior production issues as well as reduce the application size by 10% (3MB).

And next week I get to spend every day from 9a-5p in training.

Oh, and I have to work tomorrow.

Have I mentioned lately that I particularly hate my job, and the city (and state, and whole region of the country) in which I live?

~2 weeks before I hear back from UW.
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