Xyon (xyon) wrote,


So I went to New Albany this weekend to go to the eye doctor, and ended up going to Caesar's (twice).

Night 1: Still not understanding what fun people derive from slots, I played a $0.25 slot for $10.00; never winning anything. Thus, I still don't understand why people play slots (not that I think they never pay, I just don't see what fun can be derived from slot machines... it's significantly less fun than online poker, and that isn't too terribly fun); then I sat at a $10.00/hand minimum Blackjack table for 3 hours, netting $-120.00. I kept hovering between down and even, never was ahead.

Night 2: Went back to Blackjack, got Blackjack on my first hand; and won up to 3 hands after that (I think I had a win, dealer bust, and another Blackjack). Netting $-160.00 for night two, in a little over an hour.

Wasn't in the mood for waiting around on the lower deck for poker.

As for the eye doctor... I'll have my new glasses in around 2 weeks, because they had to order my lenses. And the doc recommended that I wear my new (trial) contacts for a couple of weeks to see if one of them will settle in or not, except that the right eye one is slightly off, and the left eye one is the one that keeps shifting out of focus.... stupid astigmatism.
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