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So my project at work, which was slated to go to production tomorrow night, has been postponed, with no guestimate as to when it may go in.

In other news, I'm getting depressed again... maybe one day I'll decide to see someone about it.

In other other news, I lost $61 at online poker today, making me $-61.00 overall; the representative losing hand I had was [ 8 3 ]: [ 8 8 3 ] [ Q ] [ Q ] losing to someone with a Q. I think that limit keeps people in hands longer than they should be, which screws me over (and I was big blind on that hand).

In other other other news, I think I'm getting sick.

In other other other other news, I haven't eaten since 11am (a little bit of soup); there's essentially no food here, I have no car, and my housemates "haven't been hungry" since I woke up from my after-work-and-I'm-sick nap (yet they've been snacking the whole bloody time).

Also, being sick may be related to not eating enough. And the weight-loss plateau I had hit a few weeks ago finally broke the other day.

And I've decided to stop taking my new arthritis medications since I have the same side effect with this as I did the Naproxen (right, so I stopped taking Naproxen because of the side effects, and the new meds they gave me the first line in the stuff that came with it was something like "Do not use this medication if you experienced side effects with any of the following medications: Naproxen, ... "; but I figured that the doctor knew what he was doing since he's the one that prescribed both of them)

And recovering this was brought to you by tab-browsing, and the fact that I didn't close the tab.
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