Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Mis Gatas

So, since my mom got me a digital camera for my birthday (Nokia Coolpix 5200 (same as erewinweik got for Christmas; the spec he posted looked pretty good, so I gave my mom a brand and model, it's the only way she ever buys anything electronic for me)) I can now show off the cuteness of the kittens that we got... of course, they're starting to get big, but they're still kittens..technically.

Banana sleeping. Banana is (I think) the cuter of the two.
Bear sleeping. As it turned out, Bear rolled over and cuddled up with the remote control, so I got another picture.

Though they had been lying together and Bear had one paw over Banana, it looked like they were hugging... it was too cute, but my camera was not on my person, and then Banana decided to wake up.
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