Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Turning 21 (The List)

So according to katiebelle04 it's common for just-turned-21ers to keep a list of what they had to drink.

I did no such thing, because I remember it all.

(At dinner with my parents):
* Long Island Iced Tea

(After dinner, just my dad and I: Arriving at the bar at ~10:30pm+):
* White Russian (tekman if what you get at Anthony's is a "double" then this was on order of a "septuple") (On the house, 21st birthday)
* Jegarbomb #1
* Crown and Coke
* Pink Pussy
* About 1/4 of a bottle of some American beer (Bud Light I think)... even after having other stuff in your system it tastes like piss.
* Fuck Me Hard
* (Unnamed drink) Just something that the bartender made up on the spot. Both he and I thought it was good, gave an aftertaste of caramel.
* Jegarbomb #2
* Caborita
(Last call announced/over ~2:00am)
* Jegarbomb #3 (On the house, no idea why... though my dad is a regular at the bar, and it's small like Cheers, so everyone knows everyone else's name)

And the winner of the first ever xyon Drunken Dial is:.... Meg.

When I got home (2:30 - 3:00ish) I thought about calling Meg, because she had called me on her 21st (though while still at the bar). However, I decided against it.

While at the coffee shop with Meg this evening:
--> "So the voicemail you left me was a bit strange"
<-- "What do you mean? 'I expected you would have been home by now but I guess I have no idea where you were...'"
--> "No, not that one, the other one."
<-- "Other one? Oh, no.... (turn red)"

So, here it is, what I could hear in the voicemail I left her:
"Hey Meggie, it's me... (stuff I couldn't understand... since Meg has listened to it a few times now she said it includes "...this probably sounds very drunkish...") ... too many Jegarbombs ... (more stuff I couldn't understand, which includes "I hope I'm not still drunk tomorrow so we can do something") ... "guess I'll talk to you tomorrow, Meggie. I love you, good night"
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