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Changed the Lightbulb

How many Rose alumni does it take to change a lightbulb?

Also, the lightbulb is 9 feet off of the ground at the top of a staircase that descends another 10 feet. (Thus, from my point of view (having a terrible fear of falling[1]) the light was 19 feet off the ground; which is really close to infinitely high off the ground).

Well, Jay wouldn't do it; and Macie wouldn't do it (though she's a senior, so I guess she doesn't count). And for three or so weeks I wouldn't do it. But I did it today.

It required using a shady painter's ladder that came with the house and standing on the second step[2]. Also, it had one of those glass coverings with the three thumbscrews, so I was pretty much fully extended trying to loosen the screws to get the casing off to replace the bulb. When going to put it back on I commented (to myself, I'm the only one here) that "if this were a video game I would save [before trying to put the cover back on]."

Why'd I finally bother to change it? Don't know really, it's been annoying me since the old one burned out.

So I did it. I'm proud of myself. Go me. That is all, back to my New Year's Eve Movie Marathon (Shrek, Shrek 2, Analyze This, Analyze That, Monsters, Inc. -- I'm about to start Analyze This, it's been on the DVD menu since I went to change the bulb).

[1]. I'm not acrophobic. I don't have a fear of heights or high places (example: I love flying, and have no problem being on a high floor of a building). I just have a fear of falling. I can go up to the top of the [Space Needle, Empire State Building, et cetera], but I can't look over the rail. And I can't get on ladders, even step ladders and most stepping stools. I tried to look for the word for fear of falling that isn't a generic fear of heights or specifically fear of falling down stairs, but couldn't find it.
[2]. As I said in ([1]), I can't stand on ladders. The fact that I was on the second step is something akin to angel_grrl not only being near a spider (first step), but squishing it herself. If you don't get the reference, well, I don't know any others off the top of my head.
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