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New Year's Resolutions

Inspired by wrexen I decided to codify my goals for '05. And I'm going to steal the format from wrexen, too.

1. Find a new job
Hopefully in the Seattle area. Whether it be part time (if I get in to UW) or full time (if not); I'll need some kind of income when I get out there. But no matter what I need a new job, as the ~10k/yr I lost at Columbia House for being fresh out of college will be quasi-permanent (probably).
2. Learn the meaning of, and embody, frugality.
I don't throw money away, but since I expect to have an unemployed state approaching having a bit extra saved up would be nice. Also, being frugal already when I become unemployed would make being unemployed easier. Though after getting situated with a stable in come this can go away.

1. Move to (metro) Seattle.
I really like it out there, and have some good friends out there. And at the end of the school year most of my friends that are in Terre Haute will be departing.
2. Meet or exceed 600 LJ posts
This post will be number 483. That means 120 next year, approximately one every three days. The goal is not so much to make that many posts, but to have that many things to post about. (In other words, make my life be less of [go to work, be unhappy, come home, zombie out, go to bed])
3. Do/learn something new
Two things that I have in mind would be skiing and flying. Learning to fly is expensive, though, so this might be in contradiction with goal fiscal-2.
4. Go on a date
Something I didn't do at all in 2004. Or 2003, IIRC. I think that the last time I did anything that would count as a 'date' was with Nicole, so that would be no later than the start of Sophomore year (Autumn 2001). Perhaps I'd have more success if I was interested in girls that weren't "out of my league"

1. Get under 175lbs
This past week I've been holding in at 225, but there was Christmas in there (ate some holiday junk food). But that's already down from the 240 I was right before flying out to Seattle for Thanksgiving. I'd really prefer to have a weight in the 150-160 range, but 175 is my current goal.
2. Drop another 6 inches off my pant size
Related to physical-1, but different. I say 'another' because I'm already (kinda) down 2. (A few weeks before Thanksgiving I had a pair of pants get caught on something and rip. When I went to get a new pair I had to get a size bigger because the size I had been wearing didn't really fit at all. Those pants are now 'retired' as they're too big for me. Also, the pants I bought after getting back from Seattle are getting to be a bit loose, so maybe I can drop another pant size soon)
3. Suck it up and get braces
My dentist wants me to, but goal personal-1 means that I can't do it until I get out in Seattle (changing orthodontists isn't usually done, from what I understand). Also, this might conflict with personal-4.
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