Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Christmas followup

So of the few things I asked for, the only one I didn't get was a digital camera. It's rather easy to get most of what you want if you only tell people three or four things. Though I have a birthday in ~1 week; so perhaps I'll get it then.

My microsuede comforter set is nice... if only the pillow shams could contain my pillows it'd be nicer.
My iRiver MP3 player should suit me fine... it now has Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables on it... and 59 MB free still.

The drive to my parents took 5 hours (normally around 2.5) because of the snow/associated traffic, and I got stuck in my driveway due to how Ohio was plowed.

Everyone appreciated what I got for them; my grandmother received two DVD players... one from me, one from my uncle. But as it turns out she's moving soon and will have two TV's, and now has two DVD players to match them.

And I get to work from home the rest of this week ('cept Friday, which is a Holiday)
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