Xyon (xyon) wrote,

My Trip to Seattle

The Good:
Seattle was relaxing... played a bit of Smash Brothers, Double Dash, and DDRMax (angel_grrl is pretty good, tekman didn't play much), Pinochle, and Settlers of Catan: Cities and Knights of Catan.

My hosts made some quite excellent food, and it was good to hang out with them and loganb...

Oh, and I got a day and a half off work, and had some time to write my Statement of Purpose for my admission application to UW.

The Bad:
Long-term parking at IND was all full, so I had to park in short term.... for 6 days... at $16/day.

On the flight out there we got delayed a bit because it was snowing in Detroit, so we had to be de-iced.

Best Buy had a day after Thanksgiving sale, a 256MB MP3 player for $30.00 with some random conditions that were unreadable in the scanned image of their flyer... the line was out the door, around the building, across the parking lot, halfway down the next building... tekman and I turned around and went right back to bed.

My return flight took me through Houston, TX.

The Houston flight to IND was delayed over 40 minutes because we were 18th in line during a thunderstorm... which meant no one could take off.

Baggage claim at IND didn't -start- until we had been on the ground for over 25 minutes. And it started with a different flight from the same partnership/company/whatever... so my bag didn't come off the line until somewhere between 40 and 60 minutes after landing.

I left my radar detector plugged in... for 6 days... my car wouldn't start. (Though I found a good samaritan eventually... 1am)

The drive home was an hour, from 1am to 2am.

Meg didn't realize that I was going to work this morning, called me at 5:30am to return my call to her from 1am (I called her from Houston, she said that she would still be up really late, so that I could call her whenever I was driving home).

There were problems at work yesterday... I had gotten 3 calls on them, and a lot of emails... coming in to fight fires when you're two days out of synch and zombie-tired is not fun.

The summary:
I'm glad I went, and just wish that I had told my boss that I wouldn't be in until noon or later today... I could have used the extra sleep. And even though bad has more than good does, it was far more good than bad. But most of the good was relaxation, and it's hard to be as descriptive about that.
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