Xyon (xyon) wrote,

So with all the talk about personalized movie ratings, I finally got around to constructing a movie DB for myself today; though since I know that tekman already did a half-decent one maybe I should try to acquire his schema to replace mine, as it's awfully rudimentary.

Here are my ratings, which are essentially the same as the ones I shamelessly stole...
| 1 | Quite Excellent | This movie will be purchased, and likely watched often. |
| 2 | Pretty Good | This movie will be purchased, and recommended to others |
| 3 | Good | This movie will likely be purchased, though it may not be viewed often |
| 4 | Alright | This movie does not warrant purchase, but was good enough to have seen once |
| 5 | Bad | This movie barely qualified as entertainment |
| 6 | Horrible | This movie never should have been made, it will be disrecommended. |
| 7 | Unwatched | This movie has been purchased, but never watched. |
| 8 | Unpurchase | This movie has been purchased, and if anyone wanted mine they could have it for free |

Categories 7 and 8 are to account for movies that I
a) was gifted (0 currently)
b) bought at the company store as my first viewing (cheaper than a theater) (2 currently); most likely in a box-set.
or c) received as a Columbia House SOM, but never returned (1 currently)

And apperantly I only own 51 DVDs; though LotR should come out in extended box form soon...

And maybe one day I'll set up web forwarding through the NAT and my database will be viewable, but probably not.
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