Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Location thoughts

Assuming I still work at Columbia House through end of year and don't get into UW:

Thoughts are:
* Try to get some interviews lined up (perhaps through the aid of RHIT Seattle alumni) all during the same week in January.
* Cash in my 1 week vacation, go out to Seattle for ~9 days (two weekends + the week vacation) for vacation + interviews
* Hopefully get an offer
* Be out of Terre Haute by beginning of March.
* If no offer, use the money that I saved up from Jun->May and try the bum option, but without being as much of a bum.

Driving points:
* I don't really like my job all that much
* I really don't like Terre Haute
* I really really like (metro) Seattle.

So I figure I'll take the GRE this weekend maybe, do the whole applying to grad schools thing, and do the alumni contact request thing as well. Anyone have any suggestions/criticisms?
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