Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Had a no-money game yesterday afternoon. 9 players total, which made our tournament starting stack drop from 620 to 615. Made it to heads up large stack -- ~5,200 vs ~300 -- and sikeston11 found that 2n certainly does grow quickly.

What do you do with more than a dozen people, some of which are starting to drink? Play Pictionary!. The problem being, of course, that no one actually -brought- Pictionary. mge said that he'd go back to campus to acquire a copy and in the meantime we started without him. We split into teams and the rules were - Someone has to think of a movie, tell it to a person on the other team, then they both draw. There was no scoring since we were only playing this way until the return of mge. There were obscure draws, like for Spaceballs. kyledgoss drew some planets and someone else started to draw the Winnebago. When mge showed up (with greedyalgorithm) they brought a Dictionary, because it was the closest thing they could find, or something like that. By this point even the teams had dissolved, and so it was just "think of a movie, find a drawing partner".

poplinre showed up, and he and kyledgoss went up for the draw. poplinre was drawing a venus fly trap, and kyledgoss drew a stick figure with boobs, and two smaller non-engendered stick figures. Conversation after someone guessed Little Shop of Horrors:
kyledgoss: Well, these were for little, and I was about to draw some more
xyon: You know that it's the "Little Shop of Horrors", right?
kyledgoss: Horrors?
And everyone starts laughing since he was drawing Little Shop of Whores (which is why Pictionary having things written on cards is a good thing).

And I don't even remember what the title was at the time; I think that it was mge and greedyalgorithm that were drawing; one side had some leaves, the other had a person with lines of brightness/magesty/reverence/whatever coming off of them, so I blurted out "Jesus goes to Canada"; which almost caused titans1314 to pee his pants.

So anyways, it was fun. Probably not more enjoyable than going out to Seattle; but fun nonetheless.
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