Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Last night Jay and I went to Ichiban with Dan and Amanda (Macie wouldn't go).

I wasn't too impressed with the Kappa Maki (maybe it really was the California Roll that I remembered having at Cafe Mimosa), but the Soft Shell Crab Roll and the Philly Roll (smoked salmon and cream cheese) were both very tasty.

And although it was tasty, I ate less than half of what I ordered at the restaurant. (Though Dan had a piece of the Kappa Maki so he could load it with wasabi "Kappa Maki is just a vessel for wasabi, nothing else."; and that made it exactly half being consumed of each of the three).

Though, after letting digestion work for an hour or so I had another piece of philly roll (yes, I actually ate 'leftovers'), and then after another hour more soft shell crab roll. So now I have 4 (or 7 [1]) little sushi snacks.

Wasn't too terribly priced, so maybe I'll go there again.

1. I might finish off the Kappa Maki, but I doubt it.
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