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Damn the Yahoo! stores!

Thursday morning I placed an order for this item but from this store (it looks as if they no longer offer it?). If you were to find their shipping costs and methods page you would see their preferred method of shipping is United Parcel Service.

Didn't bother looking for the shipping notice on Friday, went out of town Saturday, logged in today to see when I can expect it. Clicky, clicky, clicky. What's this? Tracking number. Ah, yay. Wait. That doesn't start with 1Z. Click. Why's this page all white and blue instead of brown and yellow? Oh. Shit. Please, please tell me that says UPS, and not USPS. Gahdamnit!

Okay, so here's the deal.

1) A long long time ago the USPS raised postage from 33¢ to 34¢. I, being a college student (and thus oblivious to the real world), was unaware of this. I sent a credit card payment out, it got to Kansas Freaking City, Missouri (its destination) before getting stamped with "Insufficent Postage" and returned to me; making the payment late. (I took it to the card-issuing bank still in a sealed envelope with both postmarks showing that it was clearly there in time, but the USPS decided to not deliver it... they took away the late penalty; but since then if I haven't checked in the past month or so, I'll log into the USPS webpage to 'buy some stamps' and see that they're still 34¢). So, basically, I hate the USPS.

2) I paid eight bloody dollars for shipping, it should be UPS, not, I repeat, not USPS.

3) 39 USC Part IV Ch 30 Sec 3002a. Or, summarized: If you send this item (or anything like it) through the United States Postal Service (so UPS, Fedex, et cetera are exempt), and they catch it (happy, stardrop? I conceded that point), they aren't allowed to deliver it to me. (Unless, by some bizarre quirk of fate, they decide to dispose if it by delivering it to me.) Except in the rare event that I'm one of four things that I'm not. (Hmmm... if I were to distribute a lock to someone (ooh, can it be me?), would that make me be a lock distributor? I think so.)

So, if I don't get my "this item" soon I'm going to get into a row with the people at this store.

After all, I bought some rekeyable locks today to learn on. At least they are both, in theory, rekeyable... I can't figure out how to get the spring cover off one of them (it looks to be welded on). And I've almost lost all the springs to the other one... twice :).

So, assuming that (a) The USPS decides to identify the item, and (b) they don't deliver it to me; do I have grounds to bitch at this store and demand they send me another one, and send it bloody UPS; or in this case did I essentially just throw that money down the loo?

Oh, the A-Z however-long-it-takes ended about an hour ago. 864 songs remain in the playlist. Not quite 50% reduction from the original 1684. Now I can do mplayer -shuffle -playlist ~/playlist and generally be happy with what is playing.
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