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So, the quiz that argen took I was going to take, because I was bored. I took half of it, then started playing NWN on my desktop again, and never finished (I closed the window out last night).

Also last night, we went to "Exotic Thai Cuisine" on 3rd Street. It looks like crap on the outside (with their green on yellow sign especially), but it's a nice restaurant. It's cloth-napkin, but just over McDonald's price (most things were $7.95 I think, except soups and such which were cheaper, and seafood dishes, which were $12.95). My "Shrimp in a Hot Pot" was really good; shrimp, glass noodles, mushrooms, sprouts, and some sort of spicy sauce (it didn't start out spicy, but it got there over time (probably as I got closer to the bottom of the pot, where there was still a little pool of it)). I think I ate maybe half of it, and was incredibly full. Don't remember what Jay or Macie had, but they liked it.

Next time I'll probably just get the Pad Thai, which I think is what I got at Thai Ginger in Factoria when I went with loganb. (Of course, I thought it was Phad Thai, but on their menu it was Pad)

I will have worked here two months at the end of tomorrow. Feels like a lot longer than that.

Wheeled mice suck, apperantly a nice optical mouse is in theory headed to my office sometime soon.
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