Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Saturday I had to come into work to kick off a maintenance job that was going to take (guestimated) 8 hours to run. Started it at 5pm; sure as hell wasn't going to come see if it finished at 1am.

Sunday I came in around noon. The first thing I notice is the total running time: 5 hours, 15 minutes(ish). Initial thought: "Wow, the production server is much faster than test... and I was told that they should take the same amount of time". Go in to verify, and notice some error messages.... "Communication link failure." And notice that it was ~ 5/8 through when it errored out. Restarted the job (it's a mutating job, so restarting it is the same as saying "start it where it left off", and left.

This morning I see that it took 1.75 hours (give or take) and immediately assume it failed. Do content verification anyways, and it finished successfully this time. About the time that I'm finishing this I get a message: "the reports for Saturday are all 0". Immediate thought: My program failing screwed over the data royally.

Due to some other things that failed, I'm pretty sure that it was either 1) maintenance on the server that the NYC guys didn't bother telling us about or 2) errors on the server that the NYC guys didn't bother telling us about. I love corporate culture.

Apperantly mge is on fire or something....

(13:37:36) mge: Fire!!!!!!!!!!1111
(13:37:49) me: I see no fire
(13:37:56) me: are you on fire?
(13:38:15) me: fire's cool
<no further mge response>

Hopefully he'll live through it and post a video, like when Guy let himself be lit on fire.

so there's been a change of detail.

(13:44:40) mge: The fire alarm went off
(13:44:46) me: ah
(13:44:55) me: so you're not on fire?
(13:45:05) mge: Correct

So I'm really bored. I actually did work today; but I ran out 2 hours ago. I think that I need to find someone else who does almost nothing at work (argen maybe?) and carry on bizarre conversations with them via AIM all day.

Still no word back from MS.
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