Xyon (xyon) wrote,


So, now that my table is back together and in the room in which it belongs (with my monitor and keyboard and mouse on it) I realize a few things.

1) (I realized this yesterday) -- The 30" pieces of lumber were for the center of the frame (making the frame 33"), not for the legs (9 of one kind, 16 of the other; when I went to assemble table #2 I saw I had no legs...which really meant I had no frame pieces. This makes the table a bit higher than I wanted, but thanks to the fact that I designed the height with my chair all the way down, it's doable.

2) The original table was 72", not 7' -- I know this because I used to have two side by side on a 13" wall.


It's pretty though (but since no digital camera is to be found you simply have to take my word on it).

and now to figure out how to re-arrange stuff so that I can get it against the wall :)
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