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So, the (essentially) auditing work that I've been doing for the past couple of days necessitated that I go to the Wabash Ave call center today to get some questions answered by someone who has access to view nitty-gritty details.

When I left there it was 11:15 and since Wendy's is next door (and I get a 10% discount with my Columbia House employee ID -- because the call center is next door) I decided to get some lunch to bring back to the office (I came in late, so I'm making up for it by not taking a lunch break).
I get back around 11:30 to find that an emergency conference call started around 11:00 (one of the instances of the project I "work on" was doing weird things). Thus when I get in at 11:30 I'm pulled into the conference, food sitting on my desk in my office.

I just now got out of there, and my perfectly fresh Wendy's chicken nuggets were cold. I'm sad now.
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