Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Friday someone IM'd me a URL to a list on mcsweeneys.net.

I have had nothing to do today except the following:

10:06 - (To helpdesk) - "Rep reports that she is getting the following daily: <error message> <rep's name and computer info>"

10:09 - Helpdesk assigns to Person1

10:17 - Person1 - "[<me>,] [p]lease address this issue"

10:26 - <me> - "I'm pretty sure that this is a <program I don't work on> message / problem (The only reference to this message I could find is in <file> in version <really old version because after this version they moved it to a new CVS tree> of <program I don't work on>)" (This is to mainly Person2, the top person for <program I don't work on>)

10:40 - Person2 - "It looks like the <regkey> entry on this computer registry is blank. Could you please visit this station and set the entry to the following value: <value>" (To Person3)

12:43 - Person3 - "Person2, It is true, the <regkey> entry on computer <computer name, location> was blank. The CSR was not at the PC but I have made the requested changes: <regkey> = <value>"

so, since my involvement (aside from reading the emails) was less than 10 minutes, and that is all the productive work I've done today, I had to fill it with something else. I've been reading (probably less than half of the) lists on McSweeney's. And here is Everything that is wrong with the [] quoting ability
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