Xyon (xyon) wrote,

So there hasn't been a real living room problem since my last entry. This makes me happyish.

I've been playing a lot of DDR, not sure how I can continue to play it sans other people (I remember finding it rather dull in one-player before, but seem to be doing just fine with it now) ... Macie almost tried one song; Jay hasn't at all. I can't really blame him all that much.. I didn't think it looked interesting at all until I finally succumbed to peer pressure and got on one of the pads.

Of all the songs I have available at present, I think all but 7 have a successful run score associated with them (for light mode). Two of the seven I have failed multiple times; the other 5 I didn't bother with... I'm working on standard mode now.

Of course, being out of shape and playing a lot of DDR means that my legs are quite cramped at the moment (which is why I'm not playing right now). I've been going at it for at least an hour a day, and usually the last 15 minutes or so are where I can barely feel below the knee (but I still get decent ratings), or maybe it's just it hurts bad enough that I wish I didn't feel it :)

Anyways, apperantly sitting "indian style" with cramped legs doesn't really help... but the good part is that over-exercise cramps are usually followed with improved circulation and increased energy consumption... so maybe I'll not have the legs "falling asleep" problem when sitting "indian style" for a long time, and will start burning off some of this flab.
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