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DDR is good.

I brought DDRMax back with me (since my little brother hasn't played it in aeons) while I had no takers for playing, I was tired of playing the persistant world I've been playing in Neverwinter Nights[0], and I just played for an hour getting warmed back up. A couple of AA's right off the bat, and the songs that I did once or twice before and just really don't care for (usually due to the music) I got a B or C (and one D). Since I didn't have a memory card with me when I went home I'm in the process of unlocking things again.

I think that if I can stick with playing for a while I might get in (a less spherical) shape. I wonder how much DDR it would take to get me to lose....50 pounds? That'd be nice. I'd really like that.

So, DDR reminds me... when I came home today (from being in New Albany for a doctor's appointment) there were a few things that annoyed me.

* The cat's litter box had been cleaned (yay), but the excrement had been put in a plastic shopping bag... in the kitchen trash. The kitchen now smells of feline feces.
* We have a random piece of furniture in the living room that has a removable mattress-type-thing. It was lying in the middle of the floor, with crap all over it. I was severely annoyed when I tripped on it because I went into the living room without turning on the light.
* A couple of other things that I'm not going to mention[1].

So, do I

1) Say "Hey, I'm the only one paying rent... you both owe me back-rent, the least you can do is keep things picked up and don't bother asking why I care about the things I mention should be kept neat"
2) Ask nicely (which is what I did; it didn't get taken care of (until I finally just asked Jay to move his laptop and I was going to deal with the rest of the stuff in the living room... when he got his laptop he cleaned up the rest)) and then just do it myself
3) Play the 'democracy' game... which will always be either unanimous, or them-vs-me.
4) Some other random option

The biggest problem I see with (2) is continuing to build up anger until I go off on someone/something; probably something that doesn't deserve it (I'll admit, I have anger management issues, which is why I usually try to avoid anything which will make me angry)

So I really need to figure out what to do else this is going to become a very unhappy household (which could result in me having to quit my job and move to Seattle to escape it :) -- only a bad idea if you consider that I'd be broke as soon as I quit.)

[0]. I like the world, and I still like NWN... I just am getting tired of the action-mode. I want quests, puzzles, et cetera. Diablo was only interesting to me because I hadn't played it before... I don't think that I could derive much amusement from playing the same class more than once in Diablo; whereas I could in NWN.

[1]. They're too small and petty individually, but I wanted to indicate that I had reasons other than the two to be annoyed.
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