Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Seattle was nice and relaxing and very enjoyable. Didn't really do much other than hang out at tekman and angel_grrl's house and go to loganb's party.

I just really needed to get away, and this weekend fulfilled that need nicely.

I finally won a game of Settler's while in Seattle! Cities and Knights expansion, no one else looked close enough to get their points counted, and I have no idea how I won.... maybe the alcohol aided in me having a winning strategy :)

And if you happen to live in Seattle and I didn't see you; think nothing of it... I had no car of my own, and expected you to be at Logan's party (since almost all the Seattleites I know were 'there' at one point or another)

Anyways, I don't expect that I'll come out for a weekend again anytime soon, as the all-day flights are just too close together.

I think that I can take time off at New Years (I generate vacation this year, but it can't be used until 1 Jan of next)... and then I can come out on/shortly after birthdaying.
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