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Weekend Update

So, this weekend we redistributed tasks to most of the non-desktop computers in the house. 5 machines were gentoo'd, and two of them twice.

The first redo was where we tried setting gentoo up on a 75MHz Pentium. That started Thursday evening, and we gave up on Friday when it hadn't really done anything yet.

The second redo was where we realized that a HDD reallocation was in order for what we were doing, and rather than trusting that -march=athlon-tbird will run on a duron, we just wiped it (besides, at that point we were on a roll).

Even got Nagios set up with far more detail than we had before we did the purge, including giving it enough information to build a network map. (Note, the interal things with multiple links are all switches/hubs, except for the NAT (which references google for link testing).

Also have a print server set up, with both the LaserJet 6L (fast, black and white) and the PSC 500 (slower, color) printers.

So this weekend was productive, but not as far as most people would care to use the label.


Here's something I was going to post Thursday, when LJ was having issues:

There's a variable named record, and in the setup portion of this function we have:

request.randomfield = record.getBytes();

we never refer to record again, but when the method finishes there is all sorts
of nifty new data in record.

I smell pointers.... yay!

-- And Sun says that there are no pointers accessible in Java.
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