Xyon (xyon) wrote,

First Day

So, on a side note (weird, can I really start on a side note?), trying to go to bed at 8pm when you've been going to bed around midnight doesn't really work, no matter how tired you think you are.

My day:

Started off with going to NEO. Before NEO started, I was pulled from NEO (no NEO for me, yay!). The reason: NEO is extremely geared toward call center workers, in fact, I think there were 8 or so people starting for the call center today.

Instead of NEO, my supervisor just met me in HR, and we started with a tour. Eventually the tour got to my office, which is an office and I don't have to share it with anyone. Then the warehouse facilities (kinda cool, actually, if you can filter out the noise of the forklifts honking their horns at all 'intersections').

Next, headed over to the Customer Service center, where I have another office (this one is actually a cubicle, and what the told me was my office today is apperantly changing, and I'll have a new one tomorrow).

Lunch at Mogger's.

Then started getting stuff set up on my desktop for development. Had to track down some of the 'in-house consultants' (they're located in-house until the new dev staff (which I'm the only member of so far) gets up to speed on the project, then they're gone) to see what applications were required.

Around 4:30 I ran into an issue of not being able to find a copy of some licensed software. The real problem is 4:30 TH time is 5:30 NYC time, and the software coordinator is in NYC. So that didn't quite get done today :).


* Supervisor is kinda cool.
* I have 1.5 offices (1 office, 1 cubicle in the other building)
* The Customer Service Center people think I'm their savior or something (when it was mentioned that I was working on the project that I'm about to start working on they got really happy)
* Very discounted DVD's.
* Umm.... not sure what else... I think I get a discount at Wendy's and Subway for being a Columbia House employee...
* It's not Seattle, but it certainly is money.
* Update: For those of you that didn't know, I'm going to be using 016 at work.
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