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My Random 2¢

So when reading the comments on today's foxtrot_feed I learned two depressing things:

1) UFS (United Feature Syndicate) apperantly complained about the cartoon RSS feeds; so the daily dilbert feed (formerly dilbert_feed) is gone and will probably stay gone.

2) There is this annoying new "quick-reply" system. When you reply to a comment (so not when you're commenting originally), rather than opening the reply page it opens a javascript window underneath the comment.

This would really annoy people like katiebelle04 who select different userpics when posting. I'm annoyed because I don't like any page I'm viewing to change for any reason while I'm viewing it. (Mouseover menus are somewhat acceptable as they don't actually change the screen location of any content; but any page should be viewable in lynx (the non-frame one) just as well as in any graphical browser)

learn_support has some info on the subject, including linking to someone (killhamster) who has already expressed their dislike of the new comment reply system.
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