Xyon (xyon) wrote,

The A/C Ordeal

Sunday I talked to my grandfather, who said that we could replace the compressor, since that seemed to be the problem.

Monday I called him back to ask about parts and the like, he said he'd take care of it; I said I'd be down tomorrow.

Tuesday I left here at noon (Eastern Standard Time), and arrived in New Albany around 4 (Eastern Daylight Time). Since he was just sitting down to eat he said he'd call me back when he was done. At 5pm I find out that no parts were acquired ahead of time, so I go buy the parts. At 6pm I find out that the work will take > 4 hours and the car needs to cool down first (I was expecting more like 1 hour, tops). Since neither myself nor Jay (who accompanied me) were planning on staying in New Albany for the night, my grandfather loaned me his pickup truck to return to the 'Haute.

Wednesday at 7pm (EST) I get a call saying that my car is finished. Doing an immediate round trip would show a return between midnight and 1am (EST). I classify that as 'not cool' and decide to go pick it up on Thursday.

Thursday at noon (EST) I get a call saying that the A/C is actually still blowing cold, so now I'm heading to New Albany to retreive my car.

800 miles over 3 days when gas is $2.00/gal. 400 in a pickup truck, which took ~10 gallons to drive the first leg (200mi), and 400 in my car, which takes ~7 gallons = $68 in fuel, plus $250 for parts = $310 and 10 hours driving to fix my A/C, versus $850 to take it to a shop.
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