Xyon (xyon) wrote,


So I went to my parents' house today to take some stuff home, get a haircut, and bring some stuff back.

Stuff that went home: textbooks from the last 2 years, dirty laundry, an empty computer case.

Haircut: 1) I got annoyed at my hair and hacked some of it off on Tuesday (quote from my mom: "You know, for most people, when they cut their hair they're four. You waited until you were twenty to do that"). 2) I have an interview on Monday (so I wanted the hack job repaired) 3) My hair was really long (for me), and since it's getting really hot (once again, for me), I needed the hair gone.

Stuff that I brought back: Suit (interview on Monday). Graduation gown from HS graduation (I think it's the exact same color, and fits a bit better... will compare tomorrow). Empty computer case -- When I got home I realized that the one I brought back was actually George's.

While at home I called my uncle, who happens to be a VP for his company, which is a pretty big company. He said that if he were I he would do the move to Seattle thing[1][2]. Though he told me that I should be quite willing to wait tables/whatever so I can make incidental contacts ("... because one of the things I've learned in business is to never hire anyone that you don't know. If I don't know you [by at most two degrees], you won't get a job from me"). Though I don't think that I'd count a waiter as a first degree person, unless they were my waiter all the time. Oh, but the good news is: Since he's a VP of the parent company he is going to talk with the President of a subsidiary company whose sole purpose is to manage the technical workers amongst the 200-300 subsidiary companies, and arrange for me to get at least a phone interview.

1. The move to Seattle and try to find a job thing.
2. I found this amusing since my uncle's live-in S.O.[3] is from Seattle.
3. No idea what their current relationship adjective is, since they live in D.C. and we see them at best once a year.
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