Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Strange Dream -- Need Analysis

Okay, I've been up for 40 minutes now, trying my best to keep this active so I can write it down.

Starts off on a cliff in the snow, in what I think is best summarized as a cross between NWN and FFX (NWN spells, FFX plot?).


In someone's house. The person's name is Austyn. The face/body is Meg. (The personality is from a third person) The house is one I've never seen before. Collin and Andy are apperantly guardians for the summoner 'Austyn', and they're running from some fight. (I think that the hallway here was some kind of portal). Did I mention that Andy is a dog (beagle, I think)?


It's almost midnight and Austyn and Collin are going out to see a movie now that he's returned. Cue 'Yeah, guardian, right' from me under my breath, then getting a hug from Austyn. She sarcastically says 'I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby' (ref. 10 Things I Hate About You). My shoes are outside, it had been storming, and they're now in two different points in the yard. In the time that it takes me to collect the shoes, Austyn and Collin are in a car and driving away. I get in my car (which is, in fact, my car) and start driving home. After a few minutes I realize that I'm lost, then randomly get out of my car and walk into a building. The building turns out to have been a mexican restaurant, and Kyle H is in the process of ordering something as I go by (and when I say restaurant think food court style here...but only one service counter).


I'm in a movie theater, with Collin between Austyn and I. She has a piece of paper in her hand that looks like I used it for a homework at one time (it had my name in my handwriting in the top right corner and what looked like homework stuff on it). She unfolds it so that the homework side is down and she has a list of things on the back. She starts naming landmarks and asking if I know where they are. When she has crossed off the entire list because of me not knowing where they are she says something like 'Well, I know that you navigate best by landmark, so I was seeing if you knew of any of those places so you could get home. The best that I can tell you is just head north.' then apologizes to the nearby people for talking.


In the lobby, walking out. Open the door and take a step and fall 4 feet to the ground. An employee outside gripes at me for going out the emergency exit door, which had no buzzer and was only nicely marked from the outside (there was a movie poster covering the "Emergency Exit Only" sign on the inside). Seeing the building for the first time in my dream I think it looks more like a Hollywood Video or Blockbuster than a movie theater (not that I noticed this as me in the dream). I ask how to get to either I-64 or I-65, and the employee starts going through the self-muttering thing that people do when figuring out how best to give directions. Austyn/Meg walks outside. Me - "Did you come because you saw me fall, or because you knew I was dumb?" Her - "I came because I know Number Theory." Me - "Right, so you knew I was dumb." Random employee that wasn't there before - "Aah, Louisville, the city (something I don't remember). Did you know that every Nobel Prize winner has lived here?" Me - "So when did you have Einstein?" Employee - "Okay, so not every Nobel Prize winner, but we do have Noor Martin."

-- End Dream. Wake up.

Like I said, it was fucked up.
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