Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Lesse. Thursday I skipped my Quality Methods class, then it was cancelled Friday (it would have been (I think) the first Friday I had attended all quarter).

Noor came down Thursday, as Jay's houseguest, for the APO banquet. There's a high probability that I've been around his quest more than he. (Noor arrives, Jay is gone. Noor leaves to go visit some friends on campus, Jay returns and goes to bed, Noor returns and goes to bed. Jay wakes up and leaves, Noor wakes up and leaves, Jay returns, ...)

Beat Hordes of the Underdark chapter module for Neverwinter Nights. All in all it was a pretty good module (with a few bugs here and there).

Last night I went out on Midnight Madness with the APO folks. It's one of those things where you get in a car and follow obscure directions to answer scavenger hunt questions. (Like May ___ ___ Carwash ==> May Special Free Carwash) It was fun, I think my car won. I learned a few things last night:

Poplar connects to 3rd street in a 'T' (the directions said turn left at the 'T'. Poplar 'T's off at 1st street, and the left is a fence -- Private Property, no Tresspassing).
Canal Street (North) merges into Margaret Avenue (East). (When in reality Canal Street intersects Margaret in the following manner:
Marg. W     Marg. E


And apperantly there are these things called Pugh Matricies (This one is true)

One of the questions was really bad: "Where does Heather like to eat?" -- This could mean two things, where does the APO member, Heather, like to eat? Or What restaurant has something about 'Heather' on their sign? We guessed with relation to the first, the second was non-existant. Heather was in the car that got back second, and she got that question wrong :).
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